Copper Top Puck - "Seer"


This orgonia puck - just developed in July 2016 - is the most energetically "accessible' to a wide range of people including those who do not consider themselves particularly energy sensitive. It has a very distinct energy signature that zings through the body and mind like an electric current.

I am hesitant to ascribe particular effects or therapeutic strategies for this energy because it is so unique and so emphatic - it will suggest to the experiencer many, many possibilities for exploration and inner adventure. You won't be grasping for things to do with this energy - it will lead you by the hand - and it will be broadcast out into space way beyond your mortal envelope.

For people newly entering the realms it would probably not be advisable to plunge in with a 6-pack of Seers for treating a living space as the energy might be too much too quickly though it will certainly do what orgonite does very powerfully. A newbie might consider ordering two of these along with an order of 3 regulars which would then qualify for an extra free regular puck for a total of 6 pucks and then see how it goes. I personally have girded my home with these things and it has become even more of a uplifting fortress against EMF pollution and negativity, but I am an energy worker and used to these higher vibrations.

On the bottom label there is an instruction to try holding one in each hand initially to really get a dose of this energy. For novices I also recommend that as soon the energy begins to kick in the pucks should be set aside. You will then ring like a bell with the energy for a few hours afterwards. In other words, work into the energy gradually.

My takeaway from having worked with and lived with these pucks for a few weeks is that I feel fortunate to have discovered this part of the spectrum - it has done nothing but good for me. I especially like to use it in energy "layouts" - it makes an excellent "engine" for directing intent and supercharging ritual.

Note that there is a package deal discount listed on site for 6 pucks and an angel plaque ordered together. (There would also be a free regular copper top puck added.) A layout as shown in the second photo can be extraordinary for summoning angel energy. The plaque is shown taken off the wall and placed horizontally with an intention, sigil, etc. written on paper placed underneath it. The surrounding "Seer" pucks pour juice into the arrangement while the angel figure becomes an alive beacon for the positive allies you want on your side.

Update 2017: Photo #3 shows a new puck modification for 2017. All pucks, plaques, and desk pieces now contain crystals pressurized with binder clips. This increases the pressure on the quartz crystal way beyond the pressure of resin shrinkage alone thus boosting the orgone field considerably.
The only items not containing the clip are the "Good Luck" pocket piece, the Bre'r Rabbit pocket piece, and the Flower In Hand desk piece. These are too small to accommodate even the "mini" binder clips.

A Seer puck can also be "pulserized" for an extra charge. See the "options" menu below.