"Halo" 5G Ready Orgone Puck - Regular Muffin Shape and Size


“The vector equilibrium is the zero starting point for happenings or nonhappenings: it is the empty theater and empty circus and empty Universe ready to accommodate any act and any audience”
Buckminster Fuller

Orgonite configured to take advantage of the virtual hyperspaces of packed spheres in states of vector equlibrium with AAA clear quartz crystal embedded.
(Puck on the right in opening photo)

I am excited by this new development in my pucks using the 3D geometries of packed spheres to expand the reach and quality of the orgone field. Electro-pollution “confuses” biological processes and produces stress. Orgonite creates a stasis or "safe space" in which the living can function more coherently and harmoniously. This effect is quite a bit enhanced with the new construction. Placing six or so of these sphere- based pucks throughout an average sized home will lessen the ambient stress of chaotically interfering electromagnetic fields that now blanket much of the developed world, and of course these will also be fantastic “tower busters” for “gifting” orgone energy to the world beyond the home.
These objects also project a relaxing “flavor” to the field courtesy of the special powders that envelop the core crystal – pulverized petalite, Azomite, scolecite, and my home made ormus lodged in baking soda. Whereas the previous puck construction had these powders swirled into the aluminum shavings layer, now the powders are a coating dried directly onto the crystal. (Photo#4)
Concentrating these “flavorings” close to the crystal while keeping the rest of the shavings and BB layers unclouded with powder facilitates an easier movement of energy through the puck. As with the previous pucks the crystal is also pinched in a binder clip because that seems to boost polarization and energy output.

BB’s “sphere packed” using vibrator tables beneath the mold elicit a much stronger orgone field via so called “sacred geometry.”

Though it is just about impossible in a practical puck making shop setting to get fully compliant geometry in 3 dimensions enough fidelity is achieved apparently because the energy field feels quite a bit stronger and quite a bit clearer and smoother. It is also likely that other variations of packing or “tiling” are taking place during the BB settling process.
A visual indicator of the higher geometry is the BB hexagon with one BB in the center of the figure – all BB’s touching and equidistant. These can be seen in some proportion on the surfaces of the puck. Subsequent layers underneath participate in what is called the “12 around one” 3d pattern as shown in the linked video above. (Photo #2)



More than any other orgone field emitting object I have ever made or encountered the puck infused with 24K visible gold flakes in the BB layer has changed my life. (Photo #3) The first time one of these was plucked dry from the mold a very distinct kundalini-like energy crept up my spine and a bright warmth rose up from toe to head – a veritable golden halo indeed. There followed for a couple of days a slight soreness as though something had been adjusted and realigned. This is very much a righteous and crusading sort of energy that makes you feel a tad uppity and emboldened and a bit "sunburned." Gold energy is often metaphorically likened to a "Great Central Sun," and you grok that absolutely after exposure to it in this orgone structure. Deciding on the “Halo” name came with an image of St. Michael often in my mind’s eye when I was under the influence.
These things are not to be taken lightly or casually. As with anything that nibbles at the edges of kundalini, discretion and measure are warranted. I found that brief sessions holding or sitting near a puck would “light me up,” and then I would have to put the puck out in the yard, in the garage, in my car or at some end of the house away from me to avoid over-stimulation and to let what had entered me have time to settle and level off.
With typical orgonite the field effect feels novel for about a week but then fades as the body and soul absorb the vibe and can no longer distinguish it from its new "ground state." Not so with this gold puck - months after my first exposure this thing still rings my bell although I have now evolved with it enough to live with a puck nearby on a daily basis.
This energy throws down the golden gauntlet at your feet and dares you to raise your vibration.

Viagra-like Effects
This energy also has Viagra-like effects as reported by several of my field testers, and it has increased my muscle mass and tone without my doing anything unusual in the way of exercise – more circumstantial evidence for testosterone boost. I suspect these augmentations go beyond mere hormones though.
The energy of gold is a thing of legend of course – it is the “incorruptible” metal – but I had never connected very engagingly with gold objects worn as rings or chains before this. When pure 24k gold hitches a ride on the orgone magic carpet very interesting things start happening to you and for you.
The gold version at a price of $9.90 is found in the “options” tab below.
A presentation label on the bottom of the puck (photo #5) can optionally be added also free of charge. Be sure to make a note of this on your order page. Otherwise, distinguishing between the two puck variations is easy with or without a label because the gold flakes are clearly visible.

“Ecstasy of Gold”

Six pucks fit perfectly in the smallest USPS flat rate shipping box.
The medium size box will hold 36 pucks.
The large size box will hold 48.
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