Quartzite Necklace


Hand knotted quartzite bead necklace - 26 inches length.

Quartzite is very useful when one's energetic evolution has gotten a bit ahead of itself, and you need to slow down and take stock. Signs of going too fast - slight jitteriness, more energy than you know what to do with - can be dialed down very quickly by wearing one of these things. You may sometimes need a way to back off the energy and absorb the "lessons" for that level so to speak. This is the stone to do it with. It is an "anchor" stone that gives you a sort of parenthesis in which to exist and get used to you higher level of energy in a more paced manner.

Quartzite is quartz that has been formed by subjecting sandstone to high heat and pressure geologically. It is not formed in the usual manner of monolithic quartz - from a hot soup of silicon dioxide - but is a product of intense compression, so its structure is different even though it mostly silicon dioxide. It is more of a mosaic of separate sand grains cemented together, therefore the energy passing through and reflected back at you is more diffuse and slower. Sometimes slow is good.

This necklace is not recommended for young children who are developing because it will slow development (temporarily.) These are also meant to be worn and imprinted by one user only - this is not a necklace to share. It is also recommended to be worn for a couple of hours at a time only - maybe a few times a week at the most. You can tell when you have overdone it - you will start to get a bit sleepy and slow - but let me tell you when you need to put on the brakes this is your necklace. It's not just for energy work though - any kind of stress of over-stimulation can be handled with this necklace.

I have been making hand knotted necklaces for a few years. Purist jewelers serious about stone energies tend to use knotted necklaces to minimize the antenna influence of metal wires though the differences may be subtle. Supple, knotted necklaces also drape wonderfully on the body, and if a necklace breaks the beads don't go bouncing off every which way. Knots also separate the beads and keep them from wearing against each other. The Griffin "High Performance" beading thread that appeared on the market recently has revolutionized knotted necklace making. This material is 15 times stronger than steel for a given thread diameter and certainly stronger than silk or nylon which had a reputation for fraying and breaking with heavy wear.
Continuous knotted necklaces are beautifully simple and strong with no clasps to fiddle with, and the spaced beads of high grade are each highlighted and accentuated by the arrangement.

My knots are neat and tight against each bead.