Text and Photo Size

The newer high resolution computer monitors may display web pages with text that is too small or too large to comfortably read depending on your monitor size and native settings. On PC machines text and image size can be enlarged or reduced for the entire page and site by pressing the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard while simultaneously rotating the scroll wheel on the mouse. If your mouse doesn't have a scroll wheel then text size can be adjusted by pressing the "Ctrl" key simultaneously with the "+" or "-" keys on the keyboard where they sit just to the left of the "backspace" key.

On Apple computers these adjustments are made by pressing the "Command" and "Shift" keys simultaneously with the "+" or " -" keys.

Once this size adjustment has been made on any page that size will hold for the entire site.

There are two views of each plaque - one (#1) a pullback including the frame and the other (#2) a close-up of the actual figure. In either of these views clicking on the image further enlarges it, and then clicking on it again returns it to its original resting size.


The "search" window on the main page is not a full blown internet search engine. It just searches the Orgonia product list for keywords. For instance typing in the word "turtle" will bring up a page with only the turtle plaques on it.