"Our Town"

About 8 years ago before I knew much of anything about orgonite or had any direct experience with it I started to notice that something had changed in the town of Fayetteville, Arkansas where I live. I often mentioned this to my friends - it felt as though there was a more shall we say "aethereal" edge to the place - a kind of pleasant haze or even effulgence. This was the time leading up to the Mayan Millenium mark and such, which had never been persuasive to me, but that was kind of giving me pause.  It was a "can't quite put my finger on it" sort of a thing, and it was faintly nagging. 

Then about 4 years ago I bumped into some "20 something" orgonite gifters who described to me their "gifting" runs and adventures in Fayetteville hiding orgonite pucks here and there like Easter eggs, and I realized that the change in the air as I perceived it coincided with their gifting of the town. By this time I had immersed myself in orgonite making and knew what the energy was and felt like, but putting this 2 and 2 together retroactively was a delightful little discovery. By the time of my meeting with these gifters I knew that gifting an area changed it, but having a verification hearkening from before I knew anything about orgonite was a kind of double checking of myself.

Was the global gifting of orgonite leading up to the 2012 event the actual event itself? Was the army of orgonite "gifters" roaming about presiding over the death of the old world and the beginning of another?


There is the "luck" of orgonia one sometimes hears about from recipients. It is mentioned often enough that something must be going on. People describe a sense of things somehow going their way more often. My own theory about this is that discharging electrostress and negativity in general allows the brain to function more smoothly and make better decisions. Better decisions = better "luck." It may be that electrosensitive individuals are particularly prone to confusion and psychological unease. Perhaps just feeling better feels luckier. Discovering orgonia was one of the luckiest things to ever happen to me.


You can see by reading the testimonials page that orgonia can have positive outcomes for chronic, nagging physical conditions. Some of my most enthusiastic customers are people who have been relieved of some ache or pain that had proven to be intractable. I have no idea as to the mechanism of action, but the phenomenon does hint strongly that a lot of painful conditions may be the result of muscular tension and stress - take that away with something like orgonia and the problem abates. The lithium including petalite powder used as an additive is likely the main conduit through which a relaxation response happens, but it is apparently deeper and more total and systemic than just taking a muscle relaxant or sedative. The orgonia vibe may completely reset the body's blueprint especially if it has been contorted by electrostress. In the process, there may be a complete rewiring of the nervous system for the better.


There are many tales of orgonia interacting with stuck spirits (ghosts) in very obvious ways and always for the better. I can attest to the effectiveness of orgonia in "ghost busting" as I was personally familiar with a complex of dwellings that had been plagued by haunting and poltergeist activity for many years. Multiple simultaneous witnessings of ghostly activity ruled out hallucination. After gifting the complex with orgonia the activity came to an abrupt halt much to the relief of the occupants. Spirits stuck in between this plane and the plane of light may be using the upbeat orgonia energy as either an inspiration or a vehicle to "go to the light."

A related phenomenon may bear on this. Accomplished mediums such as Amy Allen have noticed a correlation between cell phone and radio towers and ghostly activity. The EMF's blasting off of towers may inadvertently be providing a portal through which other vibrational beings can manifest and interact with our plane whether they want to or not. Sometimes haunting in a home will increase when a cell phone tower is erected nearby, so orgonia may be interacting with the phenomena in several ways.

House pets may also be reacting adversely to stuck spirits or residual energies in a home, so removing the wayward energy may also improve the behavior of pets.

Furthermore, it is experimentally demonstrated that electropollution can so disrupt the brain's electrical activity that it will hallucinate and self-create all sorts of strange mental states that can be mistaken for paranormal activity, so quelling these drivers with orgonia is in a sense halting the haunting also even though the haunting is actually a delusion.

If you live in a home that has some sort of haunting type problem you just have to try orgonite. It often cuts right to the heart of the problem which is always vibrational. You owe it to the stuck spirits as well most of whom are trapped and miserable. For spirits who are choosing to hang around as protectors I don't think it "chases" them off. It is an energy a spirit can choose to use or not, and it probably makes the afterlife of a good spirit much more pleasant as well if it has chosen to straddle this plane and the next.


There are lots of anecdotes out there about orgonia seeming to enhance plant growth and especially the robustness of flowering. It should not be surprising that the removal of electrostress and negativity should have as salutary an effect on plants as it does on animals - they are both organisms that depend on vibration to function.

Amazing Orgone And Plants


Animals are probably more sensitive to electrostress than most humans, and I think that cats in particular often suffer in electrosmogged environments. There are quite a few anecdotes out there about orgonia mellowing out grumpy or neurotic pets - cats especially. It can be more persuasive to see the effect of orgonia on pets as compared to humans since animals are not prone to placebo effects and confabulation.

Our infamously grouchy cat, "Aunt Nasty" became quite pacified as soon as orgonia was brought into the home.

"Aunt Nasty" the cat after her orgonite transformation



This is one I have heard personally - orgonia can improve academic performance. Schools and dormitories are now intensely served with wireless routers and cell phones. There are studies that link wireless routers with ADD and ADHD which are also linked to poor academic performance. Bringing orgonia into the room can relieve these stresses and improve concentration and focus.



This may be going out on a limb here, but there is anecdotal evidence that orgonia energy impacts mechanical devices for the better too. It should not be that surprising. Most of us know of people notorious for "breaking" motorized things just by handling them. Machinery does not "like" them so to speak, and you don't want one of these people touching your computer not to mention your lawnmower. Engines are vibrational as much as biological beings are, and especially in the age of computer chip controlled mechanical systems there may be a vulnerability to electromagnetic vibration even from sources traditionally considered too weak to be having any effect, but if modern electronically controlled car engines can be disabled with field generators from afar (a recent police capability) then we must consider the potential effect of subtler fields as well.

I don't hear this a lot, but I do hear it every now and then - machinery runs more smoothly or rather with less malfunctioning when orgonia is near. Most of my customers keep at least one piece in their car or tucked away on their bike, and by "bike" I mean manually powered ones too. Perhaps it is more a phenomenon of operator than anything else. Competitive car and motorcycle racers must learn the ballet of getting the most out of their machines without over stressing them. Perhaps the orgonia is smoothing out the operator which then translates to smoother operation of the machine. Truly though I suspect it is both - the operator is made more unified and less turbid, and the machine is too. There is also a sense within the orgonia community that movement stimulates the stuff, so orgonia in moving automobiles and such may be more energetic on average just because the car goes through so many different vibrational domains as it speeds along.



Here is another purely anecdotal aspect of orgonite, but enough people observe this that there might be something to it - carrying orgonite on the body inhibits sunburn. Fair skinned people who burn easily most often notice this effect. It seems to imply that orgone saturation of the body somehow shields it from UV radiation burns. It is an extraordinary claim because it hints at some unknown physics or biology. It could simply imply that orgone energy heals the body so quickly that the burn and inflammation response is quickly processed, but it more likely implies that the alteration of the human aura turns it into a barrier or somehow transforms the radiation into something less intense. It would mean that orgone transmutes all radiations - not just microwave.



(A report from a customer)

"Maribel here and a hello to All,

Reference the discussions on orgonite and pucks, etc. have testimony regarding our results with orgonite pucks which have shared some time ago with the maker (Bo Long) Hard to condense but will try. Rented and old apartment where paint is so cheap that there is a visible, continuous fine dust settling on surface. Can only imagine it is from the paint. Plus of course the usual dust especially in today's polluted atmosphere. Before pucks the tops of computer and top of the shelf where monitor sits would get so thick with dust that one was forced to do dusting. If ignored, in one month it was half a fingernail deep. Anyhow, this work room laso has a long electric heater along the wall at floor level which has a 2 - 1/2 inch top shelf to it. In one month you could peel the dust off this little shelf like you might a long strip of felt. That was quite standard until we got our pucks from Bo. I scattered these along the top of the computer. around monitor, on the shelf, and around other surfaces in this work room. First time noticed after a month and a half, that the dust was so minimal it was actually surprising! The top of the floor heater's little shelf was dusty but minimal compared to the horrible mess I'd have to tackle if dusting was let go this long. Rest of the home without pucks got the usual dense amounts of dust. Something definitely different had happened. Since then I have received more pucks. This time I really polished the top especially of the computer surface and placed 3 pucks on it and 5 days later I examined it with a magnifying lens, and there is NO dust as yet. Just sharing... These pucks of Bo's are beautiful. attractive, and a delight to have around. And... because of the material he uses there is no off-gassing, no fumes.