Orgonia Inventions


I developed this device to combine the water vortex with orgonite related energies. It has been adopted by both the orgonite and the crystal energies communities.



This was invented to help aspiring orgoniteers who could not stand working with polyester and epoxy resin - especially the fumes. Waxes and vegetable oils can be substituted for thermoset resins as the organic component, but before this little trick with the spring clip the orgonite made that way lacked full power because there was no curing, shrinking resin to put the crystal into compression. Office supply binder clips will place the necessary pressure on the quartz. It was particularly gratifying to come up with this simple solution. There are now people making orgonite who would not have done so before because of the difficulties of working with thermoset resins. Binder clip orgonite can be made inside residential homes without the need for elaborate fume exhausters or carbon filter face masks.

"Binder Clip" orgonia using chopped copper wire and vegetable oil as the organic binder.