Triad Puck Details

ADDITIVES (Pulverised Here At The Shop)

All stones are broken up in a whirling chain pulverizer which yields

an array of fragment sizes from fine powder to small chunks. I feel

that this more completely represents the energy signatures of the stones.

Dolomite Marble

(Only dolomite marble is used - not the chalky, less metamorphosed material.)

"Also know as "magnesian marble" and "Jerusalem Stone" it is the crystalline form of magnesium within 

the dolomite matrix that is a clue to it serenity. With its gentle vibrations dolomite is a stone of comfort and ease. 

It will balance your emotions through self-nurturing.  Dolomite is an excellent stone if you suffer from heartbreak 

or depression as it mutes loneliness and dulls anxiety. It encourages you to be open to giving and receiving love.

 It will boost your energy levels and creative juices. This stone encourages charitable actions.

Dolomite lends a calming, serene energy to the emotional body. It enables you to see how much of your

emotional experience is created by your attachment to being entertained by the drama of life. Its energy

allows you to detach from that drama and experience the calm perspective that allows you to see the miracles 

that are always present.

For individuals who feel uncomfortable with physical life and yearn to 'go home' dolomite can provide the feeling

 of home right here on Earth."



"Pinolith (pine stone) is a very rare semi-precious stone. Named for its magnesite inclusions resembling white pine kernels (pine nuts) embedded in a mixture of dolomite and graphite pinolith is also known as pinolite. It comes from only one place in the world - a magnesite deposit located in Lower Tauern, a mountain range of the Central Eastern Alps in Austria. 

Pinolith is believed to be a stone of optimism and balance, providing a soothing, calming effect, improving self-esteem while establishing equilibrium between emotions and intellect. Pinolith is thought to promote imagination and creativity by banishing negativity and encouraging clarity of mind for positive visualization. Metaphysical adherents credit pinolith with helping them attain the highest state of meditation, finding it a useful aid for relaxation. Pinolith is believed to activate the crown chakra and open the heart chakra to sincere love. It conducts energies that turn on the third eye while its graphite (carbon) content slightly grounds it."

Pink Petalite

"Petalite's calming qualities can be attributed to its lithium content. Lithium allows for the calming of traumatized emotions and energies.

Petalite has a deep connection to the realm of Spirit. Petalite can take one to a dimension of rest and healing, a space in which worries and concerns of this world are released allowing one to bathe in the quiet bliss of unencumbered spirit. Petalites are also stones of vision - they can open the inner eye to the many mansions of the higher dimensions. Petalite can be used to enhance all the psychic powers such as clairvoyance and telepathy, and to help one attune to one's dharma or path of highest destiny."

Optional Puck Label

Triad With Azeztulite Sphere


Triad With Ablated Moldavite "Cover"

Triad With Natrolite Sphere

Triad With Noble Shungite

Triad Reflecting Quilt On Wall Above


Triad With Crystal Ball Atop Audio Speaker

Music files or any sound files played through speakers send vibrations through both the puck 

and the crystal or stone nested within the dish setting up a rich feedback between them that can

 give rise to a sum of energy greater than that of the parts. The bare copper of the dish responds to

 vibrations like a speaker cone.


Flitz is famous for being able to polish anything

to a brilliant shine. It's what I use for the final polish

on the copper dish and is what will restore the original

luster and shine. Photo on right is a Triad that sat on the 

central console in my truck for months enduring exposure

to all sorts of debris and detritus from road-tripping/snacking humans and dogs.

The same Triad puck shown further down was hand polished for about one minute - all tarnish and blemish removed.

Flitz is available as an option with your order, or it can be purchased from Amazon and others. The smallest 1.76 oz 

size shown will last forever. It will polish 

everything else

in your life as well

except for perhaps 

your resume.

"Pumping" the Triad

The magnet inside the Triad will always be the same polarity as the magnet in a "facing" puck, and there will be magnetic resistance between the two when oriented this way. The energy of the pucks can be "pumped" by forcing the two facing pucks nearly together and smooching them around - anyone who has ever played with magnets knows what I mean. In this instance though the shifting magnetic field interacts with the steel binder clips holding the crystals to create micro-stresses and a tiny piezoelectric current in the 3 quartz crystals thus enhancing the orgone effect.

The "henge" inside a Triad puck. The central screw is anchored from the underside of the countersunk magnet and provides a threaded bond between the copper dish and the orgonite filled resin. It also, along with the 3 other screws, takes advantage of orgone's affinity for spiral shapes which gets the energy "moving."