Customer Testimonials

"Orgone energy is like a lovely little smile - a little smile can be a very big thing."

A few testimonials from recent customers. Starting here will tell you all you really need to know.

These are the most powerful pucks (Triad) you have made that I know of. A brilliant move to include a curved shape in them. Nice workmanship too. Perhaps a sphere is completed in another dimension continuing the concave shape. Have them on a bed canopy at the four corners. Sleeping deeper and more peacefully. The people above me have a really strong wifi signal coming through.

J.H. - Broomfield, CO

I just received my Shield with Xenon Assembly........beautiful creation!!!! Upon opening and touching the Shield I was pleasantly greeted with a high pitched whine, not in my ears, but in my head!!!  It always amazes me how different orgone devices impact the body and mind with different effects.  I have it resting on my legs right now and the energy is fast-moving, highly energized, spinning clockwise very fast!!!  It's acclimating itself to my will settle down on its own.....I have orgone devices that cracked after filtering DOR (neighbors) for months on end!!!  It worked, neighbors are like church mice nowadays......incredible!!! WOW, as I slowly wave my hand a couple of inches above the shield, I can definitely feel a cool envigorating field of energy.  I like to spend personal time with a new device to familiarize myself with its energy profile and give it an opportunity to integrate into my biofield.  You definitely you hit a home run with this one.........bravo!!!!   Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

P.C. - New York, NY

I received my order today and I'm thoroughly impressed with the energy flow of your pucks........BRAVO!!!!!  You really nailed those Arkansas Travellers.......the energy 
is intense with a fast flow rate that is cascading down my legs right into my feet as I type this email..........AWESOME!!!!  The WS pucks have a perceived flatter more coherent flow while the AT's is high pitched, forceful and dynamic.  Trial and error, R&D or whatever else you want to call it, you did your homework and your creations are evidence of your talent. Your pucks are not only odor free but perfectly formed and material density is uniform throughout........attention to detail is always a deal breaker.........the signature of a true craftsman!!!!! 

...your creations are definitely worth the wait!!!!  I like carrying one in my pocket into a crowded room and observe the reaction of the occupants.  The energy vampires are easy to spot because they're the first to haul ass out the room!!!!

P.C. -  New York, NY


Merry Christmas and thank you for the pucks you gave me in front of Dark Star last April.

I have them with me inside the van I am living in and all symptoms of electrical sensitivity have gone away. I need very little sleep and feel happy and no stress. Thank you bunches. I can focus better on elevating us.

R.M. Eugene, OR


Got my order today. Thank you for the extra "Seer" TB! I felt a strong surge of euphoric energy surge up my arms within seconds of holding them. I'm still feeling high even tho I set them down a while ago.

N.R. - Independence, MO


I have been toying with the new "seer" puck and using it with some guided meditation. I believe that this puck is stronger and I can feel a kind of tingle and buzz when I run it across my arms and legs.

HR - Houston, TX


Hi- I just wanted to convey this story to you regarding one of your pendants that I purchased from you a couple of years ago.
The pendant was gifted to a musician friend of a friend, who happened to be playing in a cafe during the Paris attack. She ended up being the only survivor somehow in this particular place and was wearing your pendant at the time. She totally attributes her survival to having that pendant on her person.
I thought this testimony should be conveyed to you.

C.P. - South Woodbury, VT


My order of "Unfolding" wall plaque in 2015.  After it was placed on the wall of my bedroom, I never see any shadows/spiritual. When I came out of my room, the shadows showed up outside of bedroom only.  Was orgonia protecting us from them ?  Will order another item like pucks soon.

K. T. - Simi Valley, CA


Very powerful little critters, these pucks!   We Need More.

S. W. - Kensington, CA


Wow, your TB's have a lovely, euphoric feel! I make my own and have a collection from all over the world but yours feel the best. My elderly cat became sick a few days ago and placing your puck near him seems to be helping him recover. Just placed another order.

NR - Independence, MO


Bo, this is my second Pineal Maximus in as many weeks. It's really soothing.

J.H. - Broomfield, CO


This is my second order! I love the pucks so much :)

A.S. - Los Angeles, CA


I received an order of 18 copper-top orgonia pucks today.
1) Beautifully packed.
2) Did not stink of resin.
3) Finest puck workmanship I've ever seen.
4) Lovely energy.

Here's where it gets interesting. I live at high elevation in the southern Rocky Mountains. In advance of every weather front we get shocking chemtrail grids laid down and usually less precipitation than expected in a drought area. "Allergies", flu and choking cough increase following particularly obnoxious spraying.

We had low cloud fog, a rarity, this morning with dense chemtrail grids above as the fog lifted. Weird frost had settled on all vegetation, like spiky frost-fur. I came home and set the pucks out on the picnic table. When I returned an hour later, brilliant blue sky had cleared above the pucks in a line which followed the line of pucks. Perhaps 1/4 mi distant the chemtrail haze persisted.

MA - Ranchos de Taos, NM


This is just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the six beautiful copper top pucks.  I confess that I was skeptical about this orgone business, but I wanted to give it a try.  I stashed five pucks around the house; I've been carrying the sixth around in my pocket.  Within three days I noticed a difference.  I am definitely calmer, and there is far more harmony between me, my husband, and our infant son.  We are sleeping better.  The house feels more like a sanctuary.  When I go out and carry a puck with me, I observe something extraordinary--strangers smile at me and want to talk to me.  (Of course this occasionally happened pre-orgone, but now it happens EVERY TIME I go out and carry the puck.  This kind of engagement does not usually happen in our busy metropolis.)  I can hardly wait for spring to see how orgone will help my plants.  Thank you for making these lovely objects, and for selling them at such a reasonable price.

J.R. - Decatur, GA


"I have received my package. The energy of orgonia is somehow subtle, dense, pleasant and soothing. The quality of the craftsmanship is the best I have found. I will definitely buy again in the future."

AB - Jawa Barat, Indonesia


I decided to buy two. My first night was the first time in four years I did not wake  up and lie there in despair, fear, and anger about things in my life. I feel calm. I just really feel better. I am truly amazed and pleased with my purchase..."

S.W. Anchorage, AK


"Something strange is going on - I have to tell you. Since I was in my mid-twenties i have had chronic back pain - probably from having to work so hard in the fields as a child. Anyway as I get older I have prolonged bouts of pain. I have been going through this for a month now - heating pads, ice, chiropractor - nothing was working. I placed the orgonia on the back of my chair and sat down - leaning against it. The pain is 100% improved. I am amazed. I was not expecting this - it just happened. There is a healing energy. I am a believer. Thank you Bo. You are my life saver.

6 months later:

"I have been going through some very stressful times and I have surrounded myself with the Orgonia you sent and it has in some way protected me. I cannot explain it, but I have felt strength emanating from it.  When I despair, just holding it brings peace.  Thank you so much."

AC - Bozeman, MT

"I didn't unpack all of them at once. I did them one by one beginning with our Wi-Fi router. The first thing I noticed was that our office suddenly felt joyful. Whereas I had found myself wanting out of that room most of the time. I actually began to crave sitting at my desk. Hmmmm. I had heard that the worse the location's DOR the more the orgone pucks supposedly generate larger quantities of positive orgone. I wondered, but came to no conclusions yet.
Next, I put an orgone puck inside our house right in front of where our SMART meter stands outside. Even though I have had that area loaded up with all manner of protective crystals and intentions, I immediately felt relief. The energy shifted from frantically trying to mitigate and harmonize negativity to feeling almost like fresh Spring air inhaled in a field of flowers. No I am not exaggerating!"
Laura Bruno's Blog Article #1

"Sooo, yesterday I ordered ordered a bunch more pucks. David's mom wants some for their house, and based on these plant experiments our's deserves far more than the two I have already placed out there. I have no financial incentive to write about orgone. I just like to share when I find something that truly lives up to or beyond its hype."
Laura Bruno's Blog Article #2 about Orgonia and plant growth in her home and garden.


First off I opened the box and was immediately struck by the blast of energy - they are buzzy little guys and just beautiful!!!  I instantly fell madly in love with them!!!

I could hardly wait to get them positioned around my house - since there are so many, I probably went for "overkill" - but then "if a little is good, then a lot is better" - right??? This was so much fun - I was super energized! (Not my normal state of being)

As the day progressed I noticed I was having a major "attitude adjustment." I have been bogged down lately with family issues, and for the first time in months I really felt optimistic - like everything was going to work out! Wow!!! What a change!!!  I felt like I got my power back!!! This was a major mood elevator!!!

Day 2 - Even with only about 4 hours sleep last night, today I have had more energy than I've had in years and I was in the best mood since I don't remember when - and - amazingly it hasn't diminished all day... Yahoo!!!  I didn't realize how much of a FUNK I had let myself slip into over the past few years - it seems you sent me a blatant "wake up call" yesterday.

C.B _ Beaverton, OR


"I wanted to share  this with you. After I sent you the email, I intuitively felt like holding the Buddha in the palm of my hand. I held it for about an hour. At the current time my heart is overflowing with so much Love and Joy. I haven't felt like this for ages. At work today I had the Puck next to the keyboard and my left hand was on it all day long. All day long I felt so peaceful. When I left work for the day, I was singing, and it was some old tunes from my youthful days. I surprised myself today because I has forgotten about singing and feeling any love for many years now. This is a miracle indeed. This is the miracle I was wishing and praying for."

M.M - Los Angeles, CA


"...we enjoy your well made orgonia pieces very much and there is little doubt that we can feel the energy around here is more positive and happy since hanging them up."

BW - Flagstaff, AZ


Bo's orgonite cupcakes did three very distinct things here:

My wife was gravely ill and there was a bleeding problem. The bleeding was stopped by simply laying an aluminum-shavings orgonite cupcake over the wound.

I have always reacted very badly to cell phones on my person. They have caused me both great pain and near immobility of both arms and legs. While my wife was so sick I had to keep my cell phone on me at all times. A small aluminum-shaving orgone cupcake stopped the problem.

At the same time I was having another pain issue in my left hip. The same cupcake made it bearable. It didn't stop the problem, but it made it much easier to live with.

DB - Wilmington, NC


"I just got my plaques today and I had to write you to say thank you for such excellent work...I already hung them up... they are mesmerizing to look at...I can't wait to get more, the quality is just unbelievable. I hung the Gnome on my living room wall separating the next apartment. Maybe it will help my neighbor in the next apartment receive the same benefits as me. This is more than I expected.

J.C - San Antonio, TX


The orgone plaque is so beautiful and has really lovely energy. I couldn't help but feel giddy just holding it. Beautiful work!

A.M. - Pittsburg, PA


Thanks for the Pineal Maximus. The energy is intense.

B A - Rocky Point, NY


I ordered the Wave plaque and received it today. I'm VERY impressed with the workmanship. I am not very energy sensitive at all, but I got a feeling it packs a punch. This will be perfect for the office, we're only there in the mornings, but it's in a converted basement storage room with electrical panels, etc.

J.L - Chicago, IL.


It's here and it's gorgeous. Each bead is top quality, the knotting is perfect, and the packaging is great. The energy of the stones is lovely. Thank you ever so much for your great work and excellent service.

B.O. - Singapore  (A necklace order)


My wife and I received our 12 pucks last week. When I opened the box I was overwhelmed and immediately started smiling because the energy felt so good. Thanks you so much for the quality of your product. We are going to order more items in the near future.

J.N. - Newberry, FL.


I have my Pineal Maximus in my bedroom and notice an improved quality of my sleep. It is deeper and more solid without the frequent interruptions I usually experience.

J.H. - Rome, Ohio


Received order, the Pineal Maximus plaque is a work of art with exquisite detail with the added bonus of being a functional orgone generator and is a welcome addition to my home that will become a cherished heirloom for generations to come. Thank you.

M.P. - Crawfordsville, IN


There is no way to express the gratitude I have for you and what you do.

J.S. - Coeur d'Alene, ID


"I just opened the two Sleeping Ferrets - WOW am I amazed! And I don't consider myself energy sensitive, but I definitely feel these - they are POWERFUL, I can just feel the energy flowing through them. And very beautiful and so well made. So here's a huge THANK YOU, it really made my day. I'm hoping whenever I get better at making orgonite that people will be able to feel mine like I feel yours. I don't know if it's the copper in yours, or the petalite, or just the intentions of the person who made it that makes it so powerful, but it blows my mind. All I want to do is hold it. Thank you!!! Will definitely be ordering again. One of these is going to a friend with depression (and who owns ferrets) I know it will help him."

T.P - Hilham, TN


What to say... I am really,really impressed! For quality, and the same for effect!!! The atmosphere is really different now! WOW!...I have not read your testimonial because we did not want to be influenced but we feel it, all my family. My wife very like the plagues also, the price is really low Bo! very happy!!! Thank you!!! All plagues are on their places already since I received it, Before I brought the package to my flat I moved ALL the other orgonites outside my flat because I want to test just yours. All was perfectly packed, the box was opened by our customs because it was closed by our stick tape, But all was originally packed inside, they did not opened single thing.

I should write a story how I am satisfied but enough for now LOL. BIG THANK YOU!

M.K. - Slovakia


Also, just to let you know - the plants I kept indoors in my apartment were always drooping then dying, but since I placed the plaques close to them, a very different story now.

A.H. - McLean, VA


Thanks for the wonderful orgonia pucks. I have tested several sources, and so far yours has a more stable and consistent energy. Others which may be a lot more pricey than yours were totally junk... I'm grateful for your good products.

Master C - Singapore (Healing Energy Professional)


For those in touch with the subtle this orgonite pendant necklace is very powerful. It amplifies the auric field, assists with deeper sleep, and coupled with meditation deeper states of consciousness. I am very happy with my necklace, and I'm sure there are many more benefits yet to be discovered. Thanks!

K.S. - Scottdale, GA


I am going to give you an A+ on creating an awesome product. I am between cell towers - 3 to be exact. I have put your pucks in every window of my house and I carry one puck with me at all times. There is one in my car also. Since receiving the pucks I have noticed a change in my attitude and spirituality. All for the good. I go everywhere with these pucks. Thanks you Bo for a cool product that works to help my being.

B. L. - Iderton, Ontario, Canada


I just wanted to send a note that I have discovered that your orgonite has solved our
ant problem. They seem to form their trails along the negative earth lines, so one puck on that line of their trail stopped the activity completely. VERY COOL!!! Thanks again!!

Rev. K.S. - Lake Havasu City, AZ