Inside A Plaque

I spent a year developing a process for combining "cold casting" with orgonia. The result is a decorative form of this material that is hung vertically on a home's walls. I think this orientation involves a home with the energy in a unique way. Some of my customers in the past have purchased plaques purely for their visual aesthetics and don't care about "energy," but whether they realize it or not they are the beneficiaries of "value added."

The thin outer or face layer of the plaque is made of gel polyester resin so heavily loaded with fine copper powder that it looks like pure copper and can be antiqued with the same chemicals used for pure copper metal. Behind that veneer is the true working part - a mixture of more resin, recycled copper and aluminum metal shavings and small needle quartz. In the photo the quartz can be seen as fuzzy white inclusions in the orgonia. It is difficult to see the quartz because it is so transparent, but the white residue from the grinding process used to reveal the inside of the plaque has left a white quartz sand lodged in the gaps. I always use clear quartz because it projects a cleaner and more coherent energy. The shrinkage of the resin as it cures places the piezoelectric quartz in compression and polarizes it which somehow boosts the transformative power of the orgonia. It gets the energy "moving."

The mixture of aluminum and copper metal shavings (inorganic) with the resin (organic) induces a "push/pull" on the aether thus scrambling the incoming chaotic waveforms and then cohering them via the squeezed quartz thus emitting a calm and ordered waveform that the body can handle with greater ease and less confusion. The tiny pure copper wire "chops" have the higher density that can transmute heavy electropollution from sources such as nearby cell phone towers and WiFi routers while the lighter "fluffier" aluminum shavings are better structured to transform less intense sources such as the wiring in your home's walls. They also in and of themselves as metals "color" or qualify the energy - copper is a more grounded feeling energy whereas aluminum tends to emit a slightly bubbly or intoxicating energy. Together and in conjunction with the resin they can rectify a wide spectrum of noxious energy in a balanced manner.

 important note here: orgonia does not interfere with microwave transmissions. It will not block your cell phone signal or any other electrical signal. Rather, it is stimulated by such signals to put out the sweet energy that overrides or smooths out your body's response to these forms of unhealthy energy.

Raw materials - Recycled copper and aluminum shavings, clear quartz crystals, and petalite powder. Petalite is one of those lithium minerals that has a relaxing effect. Mixed with orgonia the petalite becomes exponentially stronger that it is all by itself. It is a symbiosis that makes the sum much greater than the parts, and it accounts for why people can feel so immensely relaxed in the presence of orgonia containing it.


From start to finish - a 1920's tinned German chocolate mold, a custom made silicone mold fabricated in my shop, and the finished plaque.

An example of collaging vintage chocolate molds to make a single arrangement:


I was a professional high end furniture maker with a national market in the 1980's and 90's. The habit of fine workmanship is always present in making these plaques.

Giant rocking chair commissioned for basketball legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar in 1988.