Orgonia and Sound

I have lately become convinced that sound is an especially effective stimulus for orgonite which is to say that sound - especially organized, complex sound - can be an amplifying driver for the orgone energy emitted from typical orgonite constructions which fundamentally are concretions of resin, metal flakes and crystals and hard enough to be reactive to vibration. The main operator here is the crystal buried inside. When vibrated a crystal will generate small electrical currents via the piezoelectric effect that create some kind of field that is then "colored" or qualified by the orgonite surrounding, and the field energy will be stored within the capacitor and then released when some threshold is reached whereupon the energy storage process begins anew. Under the influence of dynamic sound this process goes on and on with greater intensity and shorter intervals between recharge than it does with orgonite situated in quiescent environments though orgonite still puts out an emphatic field even in libraries - He He.

 Orgonite is a simple but strange sort of capacitor with a source of electrical power inside it. Just what is going on isn't settled yet to my satisfaction, but you can't argue with the felt effects of the stuff; and that empirical argument just becomes stronger with the stronger felt effects from acoustically stimulated orgonite

Simple vibrations such as might emanate from motors, appliances, etc. are also effective, but acoustic or musical sounds are even better, and, of course, with more complex sounds arising from music and signal processing theory along with the capabilities of a computer there is more potential for "tuning," and that would include tuning for certain states - physical, mental, spiritual, metaphysical. Listening with your ears to the same sounds that are stimulating your orgonite makes for a synchronization within you that is greater than the sum of parts.

There are some very versatile and easy to use online computer programs (aka "audio engines") not requiring download that open up a customizable world of sound.


myNoise is something I love to play with. Multiple sound files can be run simultaneously in separate browser tabs, and it is amazing how often they sound harmonious.


Brainaural is an offshoot of myNoise (both engines are the work of signal processing expert Stephane Pigeon.) It is much simpler and more basic but puts out the typical brainwave entrainment beats - alpha, theta, delta, beta et al - with some very useful modulation options. I often play it atop files from myNoise because it can juice up binaural beats wonderfully - sort of like having a funky drummer keeping the floor going. Even played through room speakers which nullify the binaural effect in your head the quality of the beats can be tweaked with much intrigue and fascination and also be made "isochronic" which some theorists think to be even more entraining than binaural beats.

Here is a starter mix of files each opened in a separate browser tab:


Solfeggio Tones - "Surprise Me" option set at 4x animation speed

Solfeggio Tones - "Deepener" option set a 2x animation speed

Binaural Harmonics - "5 Carrier Option" set at 4x animation speed

From the Brainaural site simultaneously:


Approximately 7.83 hz (aka "Schumann Resonance") with the lower selector option set on "stereophonic speakers" or on "headphones" if that is appropriate. Play with the various sliders to your heart's content. (The sliders can be bumped along more sensitively with the left/right cursor keys on your keyboard.)


Orgone Laser Peace Pipe

Sound files from sites above are used to enhance orgonite in the Peace Pipe.

Old paper cone Bose speaker plays files into the "sound board" underneath the orgonia lined pipe through which a strong laser beam is passed.

Matching speaker plays same sound file which vibrates laser bounce mirror. Laser beam then exits through aperture in basement door and is directed into the sky via a second mirror.