The Electrosmog Joule-Aid Acid Test

This is the test setup used for assessing the effectiveness of different iterations of puck design. The radio frequency emissions coming off these Tesla-style gas discharge lamps simulate the electrosmog to which we are exposed in very polluted urban environments. The sweetness and quantity of transformed energy coming off a puck determine whether or not the puck design is successful. 

The "Triad" puck shown puttied to the top plate of the lamp was the latest version with the latest internal arrangement of elements, and it was a definite "winner."

These old "plasma domes" from the 1980's and 90's are higher current than the average and used krypton and/or xenon gas which have larger atoms than the more typical lamps filled with cheaper argon or neon. The larger atoms have a harder time diffusing through the glass, so these lamps are still as strong as they were years ago.

Electrosmog Visualization through Augmented Blurry Vision