5G Ready "Silver Smoothy" Orgonite Puck


Orgonite Puck - 2 1/2 inch diameter x 1.375 height.


The "Silver Smoothy" and the gold flakes option "Silver Smoothy Gold" emerged from the more complex xenon gas Silver Smoothy also offered on this site. Both pucks are larger than the average orgonite pucks ( 6 of these just barely fit in the smallest USPS flat rate box) and the aluminum shavings are poured dense for holding up to heavy electro-smog.

Orgonite creates a bubble of "safe space" in which the living can function more coherently and harmoniously in environments congested with electro-smog. It is a sort of capacitor without the usual discrete layers of conductor/insulator - a jumbled capacitor if you will - enveloping a crystal tensioned by shrinking resin or in my iteration by a binder clip which creates stronger tension (Photo #2 and #5.)

Placing six or so of these throughout an average sized home will lessen the ambient stress of chaotically interfering electromagnetic fields that now blanket much of the developed world, and of course these will also be fantastic “tower busters” for field-work “gifting” orgone energy to radio masts and such. They are also of great utility in solving negatively "haunted" places - this is elaborated upon at the Orgonia Gifter main web portal where my radio interview about this and other aspects of orgone energy can also be heard.
These objects also imbued a relaxing “flavor” to the field via special powders that envelop the core crystal – pulverized lithium-rich kunzite, Azomite, scolecite, and my home made ormus lodged in baking soda. (Photo #3)

Whereas earlier puck construction had these powders swirled into the aluminum shavings layer in a sort of "fog," now the powders are binder coated directly onto the crystal which is glued to a pure copper backing disc (photos #2 and #3.)

Concentrating these “flavorings” close to the crystal while keeping the rest of the puck unclouded with powder facilitates an easier movement of energy through the puck.
The copper disc does three things - it acts as a stage for more powder, it acts as a resonator so that external vibrations can more directly interact with the crystal and it acts as a sort of virtual or higher dimensional copper/aluminum "battery" with the quartz crystal residing at that interface.



More than any other orgone field emitting object I have ever made or encountered the puck infused with 24K visible gold flakes has changed my life. (Photo #4.) The first time one of these was plucked dry from the mold a very distinct kundalini-like energy crept up my spine and a bright warmth rose up from toe to head. There followed for a couple of days a slight soreness as though something had been adjusted and realigned. This is very much a righteous and crusading sort of energy that makes you feel a tad uppity and emboldened and a bit "sunburned." Gold energy is often metaphorically likened to a "Great Central Sun," and you grok that absolutely after exposure to it in this orgone structure. (The main reason this puck is called "Smoothy" is that the higher ration of aluminum flakes to copper makes the energy less sharp than it was in previous pucks.)

As with anything that nibbles at the edges of kundalini, discretion and measure are warranted. I found that brief sessions holding or sitting near a puck would “light me up,” and then I would have to put the puck out in the yard, in the garage, in my car or at some end of the house away from me to avoid over-stimulation and to let what had entered me have time to settle and level off.
With typical orgonite the field effect feels novel for about a week but then fades as the body and soul absorb the vibe and can no longer distinguish it from its new, elevated "ground state." Not so with this gold puck - months after my first exposure this thing still rings my bell although I have now evolved with it enough to live with a puck nearby on a daily basis.
This energy throws down the golden gauntlet at your feet and dares you to raise your vibration.

Viagra-like Effects
This energy also has Viagra-like effects as reported by several of my field testers, and it has increased my muscle mass and tone without my doing anything unusual in the way of exercise – more circumstantial evidence for testosterone boost. I suspect these augmentations go beyond mere hormones though.
The energy of gold is a thing of legend of course – it is the “incorruptible” metal – but I had never connected very engagingly with gold objects worn as rings or chains before this. When pure 24k gold hitches a ride on the orgone magic carpet very interesting things start happening to you and for you.

The gold version at a price of $11.00 is found in the “options” tab below.
A presentation label on the bottom of the puck can optionally be added free of charge; however, I also write each puck's descriptor on the bottom in indelible ink so that making distinctions between gold and non-gold is more certain without a bottom label. In photo #4 double-clicking to "enlarge" makes the gold flakes easier to see just as it is by eye if you have sharp eyesight or if you are using reading glasses.

If a presentation label is desired, be sure to make a note of this on your order page.

“Ecstasy of Gold”

Six pucks fit perfectly in the smallest USPS flat rate shipping box. USA shipments no matter the quantity ship for $7.30.


International shipments have to be calculated by email with me (use "Contact" form in the index) and pay full shipping charges by the box.

The smallest USPS flat rate box holds a maximum of 6 pucks.

The medium size USPS Flat Rate box will hold a maximum of 30 double boxed pucks.

The large size USPS flat rate box will hold a maximum of 42 double boxed pucks.