5G Ready "Triad" Jewel Grade Orgone Puck

$9.50 - $32.50
5G Ready "Triad" Jewel Grade Orgone Puck

2.5 inch diameter/ 1.375 inch height. Spherical mirror - 1/4 inch depression.
Price quoted is for one puck.
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Creating this puck was a odyssey of months that began with tackling how to fabricate the "dished" copper mirror in my shop, then how to back it up with the proper arrangement of crystals and mineral "flavorings" to get the most out of it energetically. Working out how to mirror polish the copper in a proficient manner was another journey of trial and error, and there were other production hurdles that took awhile to sort out. In the end it was all worth it - this is an orgone puck that sparkles with the highest, purest, cleanest energy.

Dished shapes both receive and transmit electromagnetic waves, so my hunch is that in electro-polluted environments the copper dish and the orgonite below it are interacting complexly with each other. My "field testers" report with near unanimity that the energy is not so much overtly relaxing as it is very high chakra but without ennervation. Most everyone says it feels like the energy is in space above their heads and "out there." There are also anecdotes about increased psychic insight and synchronicities.

Starting with the idea of a copper "radar dish" that might both transmit and receive energy - and in so doing commingle orgone with electropollution in novel ways - was just a hunch as is most everything to do with orgone - we are still sort of feeling our way along and throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks. With each discovered enhancement a bit more can be surmised about the nature of this energy.

We know that orgone doesn't readily penetrate solid metal, but it does "follow" metal, so solid metal in its path becomes a guide and even a "waveguide" though some of us question whether it is wave-like. I envision it more as a sort of "smoke," and with this puck the smoke feels as though it rises up the bottom sides of the copper cauldron, then curls back over the rim and into the cauldron and then is propelled upwards - "upwards" being a relative term here - this puck placed on a level surface has its focal plane aimed at your local earth zenith, so cosmically speaking "up" is never anything but "out." You can see in photograph #2 the spherical mirror's "funhouse" distortion. The image also had to be rotated 180 degrees to appear "upright" as well since spherical mirrors invert reflections, so there is an atmosphere of playful "relativity" about this puck with just a whiff of a suggestion that your frames of reference - and your conditioning - may not be indubitably reflective of reality. In that regard, and at this moment in history, the Triad could be considered a timely gizmo.

The "innards" of the Triad are aligned with the focal path of the dish (photographs #3 and #4) with a trio of crystals oriented pointedly at the underside of the dish. Between each crystal are three more metal screws intended to take advantage of orgone's well known affinity for spirals. (One shop visitor likened this whole arrangement to a "henge.") The countersunk magnet with embedded screw (photo #3) securely couples the resin puck to the copper dish and is affixed with the famously tenacious "J.B. Weld" adhesive on mating surfaces abraded and cleaned to j.B. Weld's specifications for maximum long term grab.

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This puck and the other pucks now use a new set of additives based on the magnesium carbonates as well as the original lithium silicates. Dolomite marble aka "jerusalem stone", or "magnesian marble" has been an engaging discovery for me in the world of energy stones. Forms of magnesium approaching the crystalline state are well known in the "stones" community for their relaxing aspects. I am crushing high grade "marble" - not the more porous material - which gives the purest energy. It's the combination of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate that gives dolomite its distinct energy - a very meditative stone with myriad other energetic properties.

The second new additive is crushed pinolith from Austria - a fairly new discovery in the mining world. This is a combination of magnesite, dolomite, and graphite. The graphite somewhat grounds dolomite's dreamy energy without snuffing it out.

Petalite, which I now process from raw stones instead of powdered ores, has always been my old standby for relaxing but still high chakra energy.

Since 2015 Orgonia Gifter has been using a powered "whirling chains" pulverizer to process raw stones. The whirling chains create an array of fragments from fine powder to small chunks which more fully represent the total energy signature any given stone.

Photograph #5 shows the Triad being used as a sphere stand for which it is uniquely suited because of the spherical depression. I frequently nest within in or on top of the Triad's "cup" all sorts of stones - spheres, beads, chunks, whatever - in all sorts of sizes depending on mood. It is like giving them a bath and then projecting the revitalized vibe of the stone out into space both vertically and horizontally. My favorite set up as seen in the photo is to place these arrangements on a speaker. As with the other pucks, the acoustic vibrations of the music energize the Triad and whatever is within its focal path often resulting in intriguing additional "flavors" to the energy signature. that subtly shift as the music dances.

"Jewel" Of A Puck

With a $29.00 base price per puck these are more like jewel grade rather than "field grade" though they could be used for outdoor gifting.. I have placed these outside exposed to the elements for months, and they do just fine. The copper may tarnish, but that can be quickly redressed with the "Flitz" polish (see drop down menu below) which will bring the copper back up to the original mirror polish with very little effort, but really the Triad Jewel is for indoors.

It is doubtful that the copper needs to be mirror polished to function as an adjunct to the orgonite, but I do suspect that bringing reflected photons into the equation does add a certain oomph to the energy; and when the copper is polished you can also see your reflection clearly enough that it can be centered in the mirror - it is with this orientation that your face and head get the maximum "feel" of this puck's unusual energy.

OPTIONS (See drop down menu at bottom of page.)
As with the other pucks there is a "gold flakes" option for the Triad. For more information about how gold works with the pucks see the description on the "Smoothy" puck product pages.