Angel Plaque

Angel Plaque

Angel Plaque - 4.75 inches diameter

I have been especially charmed by this plaque. Whatever your thoughts are on the reality of angels, just the image of one tends to beguile most people and delight the household. With its soothing, positive and protective orgonia energy I think this plaque would be very well suited to a child's room - perhaps appropriate especially for a newborn - though it was created in response to requests from Orgonia's customers for something that would "bless the house" in general.
I vow that this plaque has unusual energy - even for orgonia. Some events have transpired since bringing it to my own walls that have authenticated for me the value of angelic imagery and intent.

Note that the high price listed for international shipping is not accurate. It is just intended to make international customers email me for the actual shipping price which varies enough from country to country that it needs to be calculated separately.