Sphere Stand

Sphere Stand

This is based on the "Sunflower" plaque with it's fibonacci sequenced petals. The shaping or forming of the underlying orgone energy to flow with this fundamental figure in nature intensifies the focus of energy on whatever sphere is perched in the center (crystal sphere not included.) Small beads can also be placed in the perch hole to good effect.
The stand can also be used as a cleanser/charger for other energy tools.
Fabulous energy.

(The stand sits on 3 vinyl feet (photo #5) to protect delicate surfaces.)

Update 2017: The Sphere Stand was the first plaque-ish thing created after the addition of the binder clip technology (photo #3) which is now a part of all plaques as well as pucks and most desk objects. (See full description of binder clip tech in any of the puck descriptions.)